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Opulent Mascara! MAC wins with Opulash!

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I've just been able to get my grubby paws on MAC's newest mascara, and it was love at first swipe.  I've been in a mascara rut lately, and hadn't really been able to find that perfect, non-waterproof mascara for everyday use.  As much as I love my Diorshow Blackout Waterproof mascara, I'd rather not have to battle it with industrial grade solvent to get it off at the end of the day.  And my small foray into Make Up Forever's Aqua Smoky Lash resulted in a gunky, smeary mess.  Yuck.

I had high hopes for this new mascara, as I've been a fan of MAC and a few of their mascaras in the past.  I wasn't disappointed.

According to the MAC websiteThe biggest, baddest, bouffant lashes EVER are making noise with their sexy sweep. Opulash creates aesthetic extremes when it gets going, for a dramatic end look. Superlative separation, sublime innovation: Everything a M·A·C Artist lives for!

Now, onto the pictures.  

Behold the horror of my naked lashes.  They say blondes have more fun, but their lashes are in need of some serious saving.

This is the weapon we are going to use against wimpy lashes.  Above is Diorshow Blackout Waterproof mascara, and below is MAC Opulash.  They are both undeniably big brushes, so when I apply I have to be careful or mascara ends up everywhere.  Opulash is packaged in a larger tube then many other mascaras MAC has released, and instead of the classic glossy black, Opulash comes to you in a fat gunmetal grey tube with a satiny metallic finish.  It looks very reminiscent of something Hourglass Cosmetics would release, if you've ever passed their stand in Sephora.

The SA at my MAC location was kind enough to warn me that this mascara's formulation is a little different, and she was passing on the truth.  The formula is a bit dryer then you may be used to, so you may at first feel like you got a bad tube which is on the verge of drying up.  You didn't, this is the way this mascara is made to be.  As the SA explained, Opulash is this way to allow you to get a few good coats on them lashes without having tarantula legs sticking out of your eyes.  Pretty picture, I know, but it is effective.

Here's one coat on my uncurled lashes.  Wow, I do have eyelashes after all!  Notice that I managed to get mascara on my lower lashes by accident.  Oops.

I'd definitely recommend this.  It has good buildable properties which make it ideal for adding volume and length as desired.

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