Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Body Shop Baked Mineral Eyeshadow in Jade

I stuck my nose into The Body Shop yesterday evening, and I will say I was impressed with the new three new baked mineral eyeshadows they had.  There are three different shades available: jade, copper and moonstone.  I picked up jade, and am considering the other two, as I'm impressed with jade.  Each shadow retails for $16 CAD, and offers up a considerable amount of product.

You can see there is a fair amount of product for the money.

Here you can see three swatches.
Top: both light and dark together
Middle: Light part only
Bottom: Dark part only

You can see that this is a highly wearable shadow, and the light and dark sides have added versatility.  I'd be pretty comfortable to bet that these colours would darken up when applied wet.  I've already applied this over a silver-green paint pot, and it really brightens up the green colour in the shadow.

The other two shadows, copper and moonstone, are a copper duo and a milky white and grey duo.  They have nice, intense pigment with shimmer, but there's no disco balls here.  It's very reasonable, very wearable and not intimidating at all.  I'd definitely recommend them!

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