Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MAC To The Beach

I just got back from my first ever release party, and boy was it fun! The shop was packed, and they served a lemon coconut cocktail.  I had to opt for the vodka free version, since I had to drive home.  They had a couple of 'pool boys' as well, wearing little orange swim trunks with this collections sea shell pattern all over it, free beachy necklaces with shells and beads, and lots of little nibbles floating around.  I had a great time.

During my visit, I picked up:

  • Marine Life Highlight Powder
  • Float on by eye kohl
  • Rosemary and Thyme eye kohl
  • Thrills lipstick
  • Funbathing lipstick
So far, I'm very happy with my purchases.  I've swatched everything besides Marine Life, as I don't have the heart to wear off the overspray yet.  I'm thinking I might want to go back when the collection officially launches, and pick up Sweet and Punchy e/s, and possibly Firecracker e/s as well.

Float on by and Rosemary and Thyme are creamy pigmented eye pencils.  The packaging is slightly different then a standard kohl, with a metallic end cap and end on the pencil.  The pencils are largely black and white, and have a coral pattern extending from the end in the same colour as the kohl.

Float on by (above) kohl is a metallic teal with rich, jewel like colour.  It is soft enough that it puts down rich colour without too much work, so you can definitely use this on your eyes without difficulty.  It's a bit smudgy, but not too much, so this should be pretty wearable.

Rosemary and Thyme (below) is a metallic khaki green with a creamy smooth texture.  In light this looks a bit more green, the metallic finish sets this off.  I'm actually wearing it right now, and it's a really wearable colour, nothing screamingly bright, but really doable for everyday, especially if you're fair like me!

Funbathing lipstick (above) appears darker then in this picture, but don't let the colour on the stick intimidate you.  This is a metallic finish lipstick that goes on as a sheerer, darkened raspberry.  It offers a buildable level of colour, and sheer levels work well for me, even as a daytime colour.  I'm very happy I picked this up, definitely no regrets here!

Thrills lipstick (below) also appears darker, but it's a very nice rosy gold lipstick with a frost finish.  It's not incredibly pigmented, so applying this lightly lets it do a 'my lips but better' like finish, minus the frost finish.  It's very summery, cheerful and I've taken to carrying it around with me now.

Here you can see Funbathing (above) and Thrills (below) swatched.

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